Friday, February 4, 2011

Handful of Friday Treats

I'm honestly so happy the end of the week has arrived. It's been one of those dreadful ones with a sick boy followed by a sick husband. But, today is Friday, which means a lazy night of movies, takeaways & a sleep-in only 36 hours away. It's the simple things in life that I'm looking forward to at the moment.

On another note, it's almost impossible to forget Valentine's Day this year. It is just everywhere I look. Hence I simply had to include a few hearty posts with my weekly treats. Enjoy & have a great weekend:
☉ Every man deserves a surf shed, especially if looks like this & has a shower!
☉ I could so live in one of these gorgeous mini dwellings
☉ I want every single item from this Valentine's guide (even the stuff for the boys)
☉ As if I didn't already covet enough stationery & craft supplies, this post had to come along
☉ Fabulous vintage Etsy finds.
☉ Her eagerly awaited February wallpaper!
☉ Love these pictures from the Hitched event (there were synchronized swimmers!)
☉ A spectacular Valentine's Day fort for two.
☉ This lady's blog & her photography makes me want to move to Portland immediately.
☉ Marvelous round-up of pretty Valentine's decor to fill your home with.

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Helen said...

I always love browsing through your Friday treats! Urban Weeds is fabulous, and I fell in love with those vintage glass shakers on the Etsy finds (I need to stay away from Etsy, that place is dangerous!). Hope you enjoyed the movies and takeaway and Hunter is feeling better...xo

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