Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where Our Pool Once Was

We used to have a pool outside, until Doug decided to drain the water & this happened:

Yes, that is a large caping crack with vegetation growing out of it, in the wall of our pool.

At the time, I did mention that I thought it was not the best idea to drain the pool, but who am I to argue with an engineer? Now we just have a hole in the ground. As it turns out, this is a good thing, since it gives us a great big space for a greenhouse & veggie garden.

Only problem is that I’m quite the novice when it come to gardening. I have been known to have succulents die in my care. As a result, I thought, maybe start out small. Have a few container gardens & see how that goes. I’ve bought some books & I’m feeling inspired & motivated to make a trip to the nursery & get planting. I’m thining something like this:
Small container plants perfect for the kitchen window.

Large container filled with edible goodies.

Or maybe try my hand at succulents again? With any luck, if armed with a bit more knowledge I’ll succeed in keeping them alive this time?
Selection of potted succulents.

White container succulents & black trough collection.

Any tips for a budding gardner?

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suzette said...

succulents in the naki - i don't think so! with all that rain! just go edible on everything you plant throw it all together and forage - that's the way gardening goes - and don't forget the worm farm and compost heaps!

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