Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Idea Index : Valentine Cards

Every year around this time I start threatening Doug with large, red heart balloons & cuddly bears to be delivered to his work. He can't stand cheesy valentines day cards or gifts, which makes it all the more tricky to get him something. This year I am on a mission to find the perfect card with as little as possible cringe factor. These are the current favourites, now I just have to pick one!

I've also mentioned the talented Able & Game before & of course they have a whole gaggle of great & quirky valentines cards. If I had to pick only two (because I simply can't decided between both of these):

What do you think - will these satisfy the finicky husband of mine? Or should I follow through with the threat of a giant flowery card & a big bear with a red heart?

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Helen said...

These are fabulous! My vote is for the "rugged and manly" card. :)

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