Friday, January 28, 2011

Handful of Friday Treats

This has been a particularly long week. It might have had something to do with my boy going for his first daycare trial runs. It has really taken it out of me - yes I know I am a complete wuss, but such is life. These pretty things made it a little better:
☉ A Nutella fudge recipe. Yes please. 
☉ So much to love about this headboard. 
☉ Incredible wooden bathtub, which you simply have to see.
☉ Love the flowers, love the boots & love the dresses in this wedding.  
☉ Spectacular collection of paper art. 
☉ Pretty DIY heart banner idea, in time for Valentines Day.
☉ A look inside a talented duo's fabulous Cape Town home.
☉ Two magazine were launched this week, 1st up was Matchbook Magazine followed by Rue Magazine - Issue 3. Guess what I'm reading this weekend. 
☉ Even toothpick holders can be pretty. 
☉ A whole treasury of photos taken on a dock. Wonderful!

I can't wait for Hunter to come home today. I feel completely lost without him here. How strange is that?

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Helen said...

I gave in and made the Nutella fudge, after days and days of was seriously, seriously good! TFS!

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